Dodge Vapor starts a great rewards program of savings only for YOU.

In this program you earn points with every order you make; You can use the points to get a discount on your orders or pay the whole order with your points.
How does it work?
  • Register an account on our website: Register    (for help registering an account contact us by phone or mail)
  • Shop for your items. One item or 100 of them. 10$ or 10000$. No matter the totals.
  • Place your order, pay, and receive your package.
  • 1$ you buy = 1 Dodge Vapor Point.
  • Points can be earned for items only. Shipping costs are not included.
  • You can see your Reward Points in your account: Points
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  • Next time you place a new order you can use your points for a discount or payment:
  • Using your available points: 
  • After applying the points: 
For more information please contact us:
Call us: 1-888-958-5815 ext. 102

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