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Hi there,
As part of our way to communicate better with our customers, Dodge Vapor (DV) is making the highest effort to stay updated with new products, listen to your needs and deliver high-quality premium liquid and cartomizers. To maintain this connection with you we've opened several paths for you to contact us and get the help and support you need, process orders and get your personal care we believe you deserve (for more details about how to contact us please read below).
We believe that you should be the first to know about new products, clearance events and recent deals. We also respect your privacy and therefore we don't believe in mass emailing. You will receive only one email from us each month and it's easy to unsubscribe if you choose to.
Our new updates for March 2016:
  • First we would like to let you know that lately we closed our retail stores (in Maryland, Delaware and New-York) and starting January 2016 we work only online and also more personally on the phone.
  • One store at Tysons Corner Center (Virginia) is still open as a franchise store.
  • New products and of course some of the well-known items can always be found on our online store: www.DodgeVapor.com
Here are some deals that might interest you:
  • Warranty we still honor your batteries and chargers free warranty replacement - in order to activate and use it just contact us by email or phone. 
  • Existing customer who order by phone gets 10% off, regardless of the order totals.
  • Referring a friend will grant both the customer and the friend with 10% off (contact us to get the discount).
Please feel free to contact us with any question you might have or to place an order.

Online Customer Service
* Previously known as Smoke Free. our stores were spread over several states in the area of Connecticut, New York, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.
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