Why Our e-Liquid Rocks?

E-liquid Done Right

What we offer are the very best American-made e-liquids for your cartomizers and tanks. We’re all about having the highest performance and best quality, so expect intense flavor, and superior vapor production. We’re also proud to have products made with the highest e-liquid manufacturing standards in existence, and overall superiority in innovation. Don’t expect any generic, ill-performing, bad tasting nicotine e-liquid from DodgeVapor. Sorry, not what we do.


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Dodgevapor ups the competition - it’s all about quality

We talk about quality, and here are some points about why we offer the very best. Talk is cheap; our proof is in the liquid.

  • Kosher Grade - Our E-Liquid base consists of USP Grade Kosher ingredients.
  • Top-Rated Glycerin - Glycerin can be produced from any number of agents, but ours is sourced strictly from Malaysian Palm and only the highest quality producers, so most peanut allergies are not an issue.
  • FDA Registered Lab - We've got a state of the art manufacturing facility. Our lab is registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer.
  • Formulas FDA Registered - All of our formulas are on file with the FDA; we want them to know what we’re up to!
  • Better than Food-Grade - Our E-Liquid flavorings are specifically made to be inhaled, they are a step beyond “food grade,” and they have been GRAS approved.
  • Lot Numbers - All of our products contain these handy little labels known as “Lot Numbers” so that all of our products can be traced to their origins.
  • Child-Proof Bottles - All of our e-liquids are safely packaged in child-proof bottles (NOTE: please keep from reach of children).
  • High Operation Standards - We strictly adhere to cGMP operation standards, in line with the 21 CFR part 111 guidelines.
  • Diacetyl-Free - DodgeVapor E-Liquids are all diacetyl-free; no fake-butter flavor here!
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